For United India Association of New England Members...

Dear Friends,

    All the members of United India Association of New England can now take the priviledge to
    receive a 2-year FREE subscription of INDIA New England newspaper.

    INDIA New England has established itself as the premier source of community and business
    news  for South Asian in New England , over the past eight years. It provides news that keeps
    the community connected with events and happenings in their neighborhood and information that
    professionals need to develop and grow their business.

    INDIA New England Features:

    -   Focus Sections - Dedicated to versatile and timely community and business topics

    -    Top 25 Lists - Informative statistics on companies across a variety of industries

    -    Access Bollywood - Latest news about the Indian film industry

    -    Op-ed Columns Views of individual columnists on variety of topics

    -    New England Happenings Calendar of community and business events in New England

    -    Fusion Flavors Original recipes combining American and Indian flavors

    -    Education News, views and issues surrounding the field of education

    INDIA New England Highlights:

    -    Most trusted media source for over 35,000 readers in New England

    -    Only newspaper devoted to the South Asian population in the New England region

    -    Advertisers from different industries turn to INDIA New England to brand their product and
          services for targeted business.

    INDIA New England strives to present news and issues in a comprehensive and reader-friendly
    manner with insights that can enhance the quality of your lives, making it a must-read for all Asian

   The Offer:

    -    48 FREE issues of INDIA New England

    -    FREE Weddings Supplement

    -    FREE Woman of the Year Supplement

    -    FREE Education Resource Guide

    -    FREE Travel and Hospitality Guide

    Please contact Heena Shah from India New England to request a subscription form to start your FREE
    subscription. We hope you will enjoy the reading experience. 

   How to start your FREE subscription to INDIA New England:
    1) Call up Heena Shah at 781 - 487 - 0555 x 200 to leave your mailing address or fax no. to receive
        your  subscription form.


    2) Fax: 781 - 487 - 9207 
        In the fax content include the following content:
        Attn: Heena Shah
        Subject line: United India Association of New England member
        Send your mailing address or fax no. to receive your subscription form by mail or fax.


     3) Email: Heena Shah at
         Subject: United India Association of New England  member
         Send the mailing address or fax no. to receive your subscription form by mail or fax.

    Thank you.

    Executive Cimmittee - United India Association of New England